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Salt Water Hot Tubs vs Traditional: All You Need To Know

by | Sep 24, 2020

Choosing a hot tub that is right for you and your family can feel a little overwhelming. With all the options available today, one can easily feel lost and not know where to begin. In this article, we compare Salt WaterHot Tubs with Traditional, giving you the details you need to make an informed choice.

The benefits of Salt Water are significant. Salt Water is better for hydrotherapy, less expensive to operate, easier to maintain, and gentler on the skin among others.

Benefits of Salt Water

Any hot tub can become a Salt Water hot tub once you add a salt-chlorine generator. The salt dissolves and produces chlorine, which keeps your water clean.


Lower Upfront Cost

Because of the need to purchase the salt chlorine generator, Salt Water systems have higher upfront costs than traditional hot tubs. But they make up for this in the long run by reducing daily operating costs and significantly reducing the time you spend maintaining your hot tub or swim spa.


Lower Maintenance

A Salt Water system costs less to maintain on an ongoing basis. Once properly set up, the system basically regulates itself, keeping the water continuously sanitized. Less time spent testing out pH levels and chemical composition means more time spent enjoying your hot tub.


Lower Amounts of Chlorine

Salt uses electrolysis to produce chlorine in amounts that are way lower than what you would have in a traditional hot tub. Because of this, people with sensitive skin find Salt Water systems to be gentler and less irritating. Salt Water systems do not have the strong chemical smell that you find in chlorinated hot tubs and pools. The water also stays softer for longer.


Better for Hydrotherapy

Because Salt Water hot tubs are more buoyant, you float better in them, reducing the pressure on your muscles and joints. Salt Water also helps extract extra fluid from the skin, helping to relieve the discomfort from swollen joints and inflammation and making it a great treatment for people with arthritis.

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